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Cherokeeplayhouse ashtray and grinder together is a crazy combination if you smoke . 


Offer maximum comfort and convenience for your cigarette-smoking patrons with this shiny Cherokedass glass ashtray! The handy notches in this round tray hold cigarettes and encourage your patrons to keep your tabletops and bar counters clean. The durable glass design resists scratches and stains, while the classic round shape is perfectly stackable for easy transporting, stacking, and storing. Highly functional and practical, this ashtray withstands everyday use at your bar, pub, lounge, or patio!



Overall Dimensions:
Top Diameter: 4 1/4"
Bottom Diameter: 3 1/2"
Height: 1 3/8”


Material : Acrylic

Shape : Round


Cherokeeplayhouse Herb Grinder

This Cherokeeplayhouse Grinder is a cylindrical device with two halves that separate and have sharped teeth. The collection chamber can fit up of an ounce of flower and has rounded sides that make it easy to empty.


Smoking Accessories

Material black zinc alloy

Size: 40mm

Weight 120g



Trip to Mars

$13.00 Regular Price
$9.10Sale Price
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